2001年度 第1回システム制御セミナー

「Trajectory Tracking Control for Boom Cranes」

日時 平成13年9月12日(水) 15:00 〜 16:30
会場 金沢大学 工学部 秀峯会舘 中会議室
(金沢市 小立野 2-40-20)

講演者 Dr. Oliver Sawodny

Department of Measurement,
 Control and Microtechnology
Faculty of Engineering Sciences
University of Ulm, Germany
講演題目 「Trajectory Tracking Control for Boom Cranes」
Increasingly boom cranes were used as harbour mobile cranes for container handling. For this purpose a high amount of handled containers is an important condition for an efficient harbour operation. That means the automation of the crane movements has a high significance. In comparison to gantry cranes or overhead traveling cranes till now only a few automation concepts for boom cranes are existing, because of the dominant nonlinear plant behavior due to the zentripetal forces. Common control concepts can not be used. In addition the common sensors to measure the rope angle can not be applied to boom cranes with a rope length of up to 70 m. In the following a trajectory tracking control for boom cranes will be presented consisting of decentralized control modules and a trajectory generation module. For the design of the control modules dynamic models for the different movement directions has to be derived. Then the design of the control modules consisting of feedforward and feedback loop combined with disturbance estimation and rejection is discussed. Nonlinearities are compensated by a feedforward strategy. For the efficient use of the crane torsional oscillations of the load has to be damped. Therefore the effector of the crane robot has to be equipped with auxiliary axes. The principle design of a suitable control for this problem is presented. The trajectory tracking control is realized on a harbour mobile crane LIEBHERR LHM 400. Measurement results show the efficiency of the presented control concept.

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