2013 Systems and Control Seminar

2013 Systems and Control Seminar
Date@September 19, 2013 16:00`17:00
Place@Tokyo Institute of Thechnology O-okayama W8 E-W833

Speaker Anuradha Annaswamy, Professor

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Title "Realizing Next Generation Smart Grid Control Technologies ] Challenges and Opportunities"

The 21st century is witnessing a prodigious change in energy landscape with the arrival of renewable sources such as wind and solar, global concerns of sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions, and dwindling resources of fossil fuels. The obvious advantages of reduced operational costs and emissions, obtainable with renewables such as off]shore wind]farms and solar]panels on individual buildings, are accompanied with the challenges of intermittency and distributed availability. The idea behind a Smart Grid is the creation of a dynamic, cyber] physical infrastructure that meets these challenges via a flexible, intelligent, and networked grid that plans, controls, and delivers power to meet demand over an entire region. Solutions already exist for many individual challenges facing the adoption of smart grid technology, yet full realization still requires a vision for dynamic control with coordination of numerous processes and constituents across the spectrum of energy activities. Examining the transformative drivers shaping the energy landscape today, including economic, political, and technological developments, suggests a number of innovation scenarios for progressing towards the revolutionary benefits of smart grid technology for our not]too]distant energy future. In this talk, these scenarios, research challenges and opportunities, and recent illustrations will be presented.