2013 Systems and Control Seminar

2013 Systems and Control Seminar
Date@November 7, 2013 17:00-18:00
Place@Tokyo Institute of Thechnology O-okayama I3-306

Speaker Yen-Chen Liu, Professor

National Cheng Kung University

Mechanical Engineering

Title "Bilateral Teleoperators for Heterogeneous Robotic Systems"

For bilateral teleoperation systems operating in complex and remote environments, the previous results mainly focused on joint-space control and were primarily derived for kinematically identical robotic manipulators. In order to ensure the safety, enhance the efficiency, and increase the flexibility of complex teleoperation systems operating in cluttered environment, this talk will focus on the study of bilateral teleoperation system for heterogeneous master and slave robots. A semi-autonomous control framework for bilateral teleoperation will be discussed first for non-identical robots with dynamic uncertainties and asymmetric communication delays. An extension of the proposed semi-autonomous teleoperation that a human operator can simultaneously interact with a group of swarm robots in a remote environment will be introduced subsequently. Simulation results are presented, and the talk will conclude with some directions for future research.