Department of Information Physics & Computing
The University of Tokyo


Professor & Course Chair
Masayuki Fujita
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Assistant Professor
Junya Yamauchi
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To Prospective Students
We are not accepting new graduate students for 2023-2024.

2023 July: Book Chapter from Wiley-IEEE Press
2023 June: Paper from IEEE L-CSS
2023 June: Book from Uchida Rokakuho
2023 May: Book Chapter from IEEE Control Systems Society

Research Interests
Our group is working on Control and Autonomy in Cyber-Physical Systems. In particular, we have the following three themes.
  • Cooperative Control in Networked Robotics: We are conducting research on cooperative control of networked multi-robot systems. Our goal is to explore the basic principles for designing totally optimal motions from distributed information exchanges.
  • Autonomy in Cognitive Cyber-Physical Systems via ML/AI-based Control: We are working on autonomous systems which can decide their motion by environmental perception and cognition. Our goal is to create a novel control theory which realizes robust and intelligent action via learning of uncertainties in systems and environments.
  • Cyber-Physical & Human Systems: We are working on cyber-physical systems with human interventions in decision-making. In particular, our interest is on a system design for Human-Machine Teamings for teleoperation and tele-autonomy.

Selected Movies (More)
Eyes in the Sky From Pixels to Torques
Human Robotic-Network Teaming Robot Zoo Sky/Aqua
Collaborations with Robotarium (More) Attitude Synchronization in Robotarium
CSM 1, CSM 2 See Professor M. Egerstedt’s
Robotarium, ICRA, Youtube (27:51)
Attitude Synchronization Voronoi-based Coverage Control
See Prof. M.W. Spong’s Bode lecture (47:58) (More) See Professor F. Bullo’s
Slide 1 (p. 13), Slide 2 (p. 19)

Books/Book Chapters/Invited Articles

T. Hatanaka, J. Yamauchi, M. Fujita, and H. Handa, “Contemporary Issues and Advances in Human-Robot Collaborations,” Cyber-Physical-Human Systems: Fundamentals and Applications, A. Annaswamy, P. P. Khargonekar, F. Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue and S. K. Spurgeon (eds.), Wiley-IEEE Press, July, 2023
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